Autumn Squash & Spinach Salad

HELLO, friends! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a recipe or blog, and I thank you for keeping up with me, via Instagram and Facebook!

Summer has ended, and it was a season full of changes (all positive), and travel! The summer began with an unexpected shift in my full-time job, but I saw it as a blessing from God. I had been praying for something different for a while, and although what was presented to me wasn’t what I had in mind, I accepted it with gratitude, and decided to work part-time until I found something better. After months of applying, I was recruited by an amazing company, and began working full-time in September. God is good, and I’m so happy to be where I am! Also – working part-time is not my thing. #workaholic

I took two trips out of the country, to Mexico in July (I was a bridesmaid in my good friend’s wedding), and to England (to visit my boyfriend) in August. Two places I have never been before, and they were both so much fun in their own ways. I’ll be headed back to England this New Year’s.

As many of my fellow Southerners know, fall weather in Nashville is pretty unpredictable. One morning you’ll be missing the pool due to the heat, and the next day you find yourself dusting off that winter coat. I’ve been cooking warmer dishes like curry, and chili, but I also like to take advantage of the produce of the season, like squash!

Delicata squash was originally what I wanted to cook for this salad, but after searching many stores, I gave up and settled on acorn squash from a local farmer.

What I love about this salad is the mix of flavors, textures, and color! Acorn squashes are naturally sweet, FYI.


  • They’re nearly impossible to peel, so don’t bother.
  • A ripe acorn squash is a dark green with some orange coloring mixed in. It should not be mushy.
  • The more yellow the squash, the sweeter it’ll be.
  • Have a large, sharp knife on hand. To half, cut through the stem end to the point, rather than across the diameter.
  • Once halved, cut pieces along the diameter. For video instructions, click here.

244D45B9-E178-42F3-BBE3-6E55CE1CFD11.jpegAutumn Squash Salad
Serves 3

1 acorn squash, sliced
1 bag LoveBeets – Organic Cooked Beets, diced
1 bag raw spinach leaves
Dried Cranberries
Raw pumpkin seeds
Pistachios, shelled and crushed
Feta cheese, crumbled
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F. Slice acorn squash as directed above.
2.  On a non-stick baking sheet (or grill tray), spread acorn squash slices out evenly. Lightly coat in olive oil, and a tiny pinch of salt.
3. Put in oven and cook for 45 minutes.
4. In the meantime, place diced beets in oven-safe dish, lightly coat them in olive oil,  and cook for 20 minutes.
5. Let beets and squash cool before assembling salad.
6. Arrange salad: spinach, squash, beets, dried cranberries, raw pumpkin seeds, pistachios, and crumbled feta.
7. Lightly spray or pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing.

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xoxo, Amber


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